Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Lei!!

If I knew how to put a picture of you I would, to bad I don't have a scanner so I could get a really good one like when we were in junior high, those had to of been some of our best years-hah! Anyways its still weird we've been apart this long, I miss being together all day and then talking on the phone for hours (about what I can't even imagine) I'm sorry we're getting so old. you still look good though.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fall could not pass with out some of these pictures, enjoy

you've finally got your hands bloody, happy now?

the thirst has finally been quenched.

Monday, October 27, 2008

She's Back!!!

Ava hair is finally back in its usual bob, she wanted to grow it out for a while, didn't look so hot, so after a little bribe with a webkin, she's back to her cute bobbed self.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Yes, Everett's pillow will be wet tonight because all of his aunts and cousins forgot his birthday. (come to think of it I did to until someone reminded me this morning, but thats not the point) Yes, poor Everett, no dad, no cake and no presents (from me anyways, actually, he does have one very good aunt named Bethany who remembered his birthday and bought him two presents!) Ellen was nice to get him some cupcakes from Safeway so we at least could get some pictures and pretend that we had a party. so here are some "birthday party pictures" enjoy. (I know this is a wierd post, its kindof an thing we do in our family, forget each others birthdays and laugh about how the other one had to cry themselves to sleep, just another fun family tradition.)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

for your viewing pleasure

Boy eating dirt. ps, why am I blogging when I should be picking out paint colors, stone, tile, carpet, and trim? pps, did i mention we're building a house?

Friday, October 3, 2008

birthday woes

I love to go to parties, I HATE THROWING THEM!!!! So tomorrow is Savannah's b-day but I thought it would be easier just to have one after school, kids could ride the bus home, yada yada yada, anyways after 4 different walmart/ target trips I finally thought I was ready to throw this party. wrong. After much positive feedback from Vivi's cake I somehow got it in my head I could totally decorate cakes. so so wrong. one of the major regrets I have of today is i didn't have a picture of the totally horrible cake i made and threw into the garbage. (which took me HOURS by the way). So this is how my day went:

spent three hours on cake, threw in garbage

cleaned kitchen

made new cake

cleaned kitchen

made cupcakes for class

cleaned kitchen

prepared games for party (included food)

cleaned kitchen

feed two whiny children marshmallows, cake

started party

was through with all my games 15 minutes later!!!!!

had six bored seven year olds to entertain for two more hours!!!!!!!

next year- BOWLING ALLEY

Thursday, September 25, 2008

to the two people who still read this

I got the strangest urge today to blog, that urge doesn't happen often so I have to just roll with it when it comes, this is the problem with not posting very often, you have no idea where to begin, and you definatly know that know one is reading it so then you think, whats the point? So i guess I'll just jump right in, school started last month, Savannah and Ava go all day so it's just me, Rett and Vivi, I feel like I should do a hobby with all my free time, then I remember I don't have hobbies, so I just catch up on my Bravo tv obsession, (just keepin it real) oh ya, those random pictures are of the kids in the canal, I dump them in the water and drive next to them, nice and comfortable in my car, great family time for all. also, viv and her 3rd birthday, note how she is in her underwear, the girl cannot keep clothes on, hopefully she grows out of that before puberty sets in.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

summer time

so no pictures, because, for the life of me, I can't get my pictures to upload on to the computer,(Sean and I were seriously born in the wrong century, we both no nothing about computers, digital camera's, dvd's, hd, cell phones, ipods, the list can go on and on, I don't even know if I'm using the word 'upload' in the right text, but I digress) Anyways summer is heaven to me, my people all show up in the summer, kids are driven to my parents house in the morning, let out, cousins appear, they disappear and proceed to only appear at meal times and for the occasional otter pop, I then round them up, dirty, tired, ready for bed, while I've had a lazy day of putting Everett down for naps, talking to sisters and cousins, and looking for recipes that I will never cook. our summer includes these things:

no shoes
tree house painting
bush houses
tire swing
skunk sightings
treasure hunts
pony riding
lake swimming
soccer games
trampoline with a sprinkler
water slide
four wheeler rides
public pool
dress ups
dirty feet
dirty legs
dirty hair
dirty, dirty, children
Sounds like heaven doesn't it?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

the big six months

So Everett went in for his six month check up and I thought I would record his stats seeing as how he has no babybook, (pathetic I know, but I figure if I had one, I would just feel guilty that I wasn't filling it out, and who needs that kind of guilt anyways?) So this is the low down in Everett,

weighs 18lbs

can't remember the length, he is in the 50th percentile though (considering sean and I, I'll take it!)

sits up well, with the occasional fall over

rocks on hands and knees

sleeps from 8:00 pm to 7:00 am

takes three naps a day (when he's not ripped from his slumber and shoved into his car seat, which happens way to much, can't wait for all school to be over!)

eats baby food three times a day

has had two bloody noses

just caught sister jumping on his stomach saying,"he's awake!"

been in the ICU for five days with RSV and almost died

perfect angel

Friday, May 9, 2008

ava, the crafter

This is how Ava spends her mornings before Kindergarten, dressing and crowing life size (scary) dogs,
cutting up cardboard boxes and making them into aliens,

painting sweet pictures that I want to frame, did this child come from me?

Saturday, May 3, 2008

loving the spring

and no I don't love spring for all the flowers, the nice weather, new life and all that, I love spring because of garage sales. And yes Bethany and I hit the mother of all garage sales this morning (thanks from a hot tip from Melanie). You know the kind, mounds and mounds of cute kid clothes, in all the sizes I needed, all for a quarter. Let us have a moment of silence.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Real Men Wear Pink (and other happenings)

Yes this is the Rettster in all his pink princess glory, hey thats what happens when you have three older sisters and a cheap mom who won't buy new bibs.
Ava had her sixth birthday last week and I let her have a "friend" party (you know instead of a much easier "family party") when all the kids started showing up I had a moment of panic thinking, I'm supposed to entertain all these kids?! for how long?! But you know how kids are, throw in a million balloons and a Sponge Bob pinata and instant party, Ava even said "This was the best party I've been to, I'm glad it was my own." I think getting all the presents yourself really boosts the fun factor.

Here is Savannah (in my mom's coat) helping Sean clean out the basement of rocks, wood and such. I thought I better document them actually working, seeing as how it doesn't happen to often.

We did tell them if they helped we'd get them a treat, so I gave them each one cookie, In which Savannah responded "all that work for one lousy cookie!"

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

some Easter pictures

Everett is now five months, he's not my newborn anymore!!! He looks like a man.
Getting this picture of the kids in their Easter clothes was the worst experience ever, no one would look at the picture or smile, you can't even see what their wearing, and its not even that cute! Oh well, next year right?

Just lookin for some eggs.

Savannah with Cousin Beau.

Little Roman in the background. All in all we had a fun Easter, the kids found their baskets and ate half their candy before we woke up, had 8:30 church and what ellen thought was an Easter ham in the freezer was really Sean's antelope cape! (we had a wonderful turkey anyways which was delicious) We're ready for the next holiday!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

throw up and soccer

no, there are no pictures for this post thank goodness. Last night Ava threw up all over the carpet by her bed, Vivian did the same thing last week, Savannah a few weeks ago, thus we have had the carpets professionally cleaned twice ( I just let Vivians stain sit for a while, sick, I know) in just a few weeks. Not fun. Just a recap of the week
Savannah: 2nd soccer game, scored two goals, was sweatin' just like her aunt Tiffany
Ava: 1st soccer game, scored one goal that no one saw, walked a dog in between subbing in the game
Vivian: Quite good this week actually, sings how she loves Jesus, sneaks into Everetts crib and forces the binkie into his mouth
Everett: Never two nights the same, accidentally shaved all his hair off, cute as a button

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

bad hair day

So I was blowdrying the older girls hair after a bath and Vivian wanted hers done too. The results speak for themsevles. On a different note I am now offically a soccor mom, yes I have either a soccor game or practice FIVE nights a week!!! I hope you appreciate this Ashley.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Fishing fun

Sean took the girls fishing in their "secret spot" this Saturday, they all caught fish, Ava's was as big as Vivian. The girls love to fish with Sean, who knows, maybe Everett will have to be my shopping partner, just kidding.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Random Stuff

This is baby Everett, who for the life of me I can't get a decent picture of. He's a totally mellow guy but the worst sleeper by far, as a I write this he is woken up too early from his nap and is crying in his crib, I'm hoping he'll cry himself back to sleep.
Ava is obsessed with paper, she loves blank computer paper that she makes all kinds of crafts with, she will spend hours making all kinds of crafty paper things, like these fans which she is selling for three dollars and a nickel, if anyone is interested.

Here are some pictures of the girls at ice skating lessons. When Sean and I first took them to ice skate it took them an hour (literaly) to skate (shuffle) around the rink one time! Now they can glide all around and love it.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Glamour Girl

This is Vivian loving herself and getting into to EVERYTHING!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sister Pictures

I just thought I would post some more pictures of the kids, my friend took some cute ones at the park this fall, Everett wasn't born then so these are just sister pictures.

Friday, February 8, 2008

the kids

these are all our kiddos, Savannah is 7, Ava 5, Vivian 2, and Everett is 3 months!!