Thursday, September 25, 2008

to the two people who still read this

I got the strangest urge today to blog, that urge doesn't happen often so I have to just roll with it when it comes, this is the problem with not posting very often, you have no idea where to begin, and you definatly know that know one is reading it so then you think, whats the point? So i guess I'll just jump right in, school started last month, Savannah and Ava go all day so it's just me, Rett and Vivi, I feel like I should do a hobby with all my free time, then I remember I don't have hobbies, so I just catch up on my Bravo tv obsession, (just keepin it real) oh ya, those random pictures are of the kids in the canal, I dump them in the water and drive next to them, nice and comfortable in my car, great family time for all. also, viv and her 3rd birthday, note how she is in her underwear, the girl cannot keep clothes on, hopefully she grows out of that before puberty sets in.