Wednesday, March 26, 2008

some Easter pictures

Everett is now five months, he's not my newborn anymore!!! He looks like a man.
Getting this picture of the kids in their Easter clothes was the worst experience ever, no one would look at the picture or smile, you can't even see what their wearing, and its not even that cute! Oh well, next year right?

Just lookin for some eggs.

Savannah with Cousin Beau.

Little Roman in the background. All in all we had a fun Easter, the kids found their baskets and ate half their candy before we woke up, had 8:30 church and what ellen thought was an Easter ham in the freezer was really Sean's antelope cape! (we had a wonderful turkey anyways which was delicious) We're ready for the next holiday!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

throw up and soccer

no, there are no pictures for this post thank goodness. Last night Ava threw up all over the carpet by her bed, Vivian did the same thing last week, Savannah a few weeks ago, thus we have had the carpets professionally cleaned twice ( I just let Vivians stain sit for a while, sick, I know) in just a few weeks. Not fun. Just a recap of the week
Savannah: 2nd soccer game, scored two goals, was sweatin' just like her aunt Tiffany
Ava: 1st soccer game, scored one goal that no one saw, walked a dog in between subbing in the game
Vivian: Quite good this week actually, sings how she loves Jesus, sneaks into Everetts crib and forces the binkie into his mouth
Everett: Never two nights the same, accidentally shaved all his hair off, cute as a button

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

bad hair day

So I was blowdrying the older girls hair after a bath and Vivian wanted hers done too. The results speak for themsevles. On a different note I am now offically a soccor mom, yes I have either a soccor game or practice FIVE nights a week!!! I hope you appreciate this Ashley.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Fishing fun

Sean took the girls fishing in their "secret spot" this Saturday, they all caught fish, Ava's was as big as Vivian. The girls love to fish with Sean, who knows, maybe Everett will have to be my shopping partner, just kidding.