Monday, April 28, 2008

Real Men Wear Pink (and other happenings)

Yes this is the Rettster in all his pink princess glory, hey thats what happens when you have three older sisters and a cheap mom who won't buy new bibs.
Ava had her sixth birthday last week and I let her have a "friend" party (you know instead of a much easier "family party") when all the kids started showing up I had a moment of panic thinking, I'm supposed to entertain all these kids?! for how long?! But you know how kids are, throw in a million balloons and a Sponge Bob pinata and instant party, Ava even said "This was the best party I've been to, I'm glad it was my own." I think getting all the presents yourself really boosts the fun factor.

Here is Savannah (in my mom's coat) helping Sean clean out the basement of rocks, wood and such. I thought I better document them actually working, seeing as how it doesn't happen to often.

We did tell them if they helped we'd get them a treat, so I gave them each one cookie, In which Savannah responded "all that work for one lousy cookie!"